Length of contract: Six-month commitment or minimum $600 contract. (Countdown or daily banners available.)  Provided artwork and URL link directly to your website. GIF, JPG or flash banners accepted.  Advertisements rotate in each position for each area, so Home Page/Position 1 (for example) will be sold to ten advertisers, each of which appear on the Home Page of all page views on the Home Page. Notes: An advertiser can buy multiple positions on the same area if desired. However, a different ad must be provided for each position. Each position is randomly viewed so there is no control over whether an advertiser’s multiple ads show up on a particular page load. There are two locations in which the banner ads can appear; either vertically, on the right-hand side of the page or horizontally near the lower part of the page. The specific locations are provided below: Vertical format (from top to bottom). Horizontal format (from left to right).

*All sales are final. Pastimecards.com reserves the right to refuse advertisement of any derogatory, profane, anti-religious, or any material it deems inappropriate for this website. 


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